At RabbitForce, we’re big on trust and safety. These Community Guidelines help ensure that every task is a delightful, safe and trusted experience for both our Clients and Affiliate’s staff (Taskers).  While we know that these Guidelines may not cover every single task and situation you may encounter, we expect all Taskers and Clients to act with professionalism and in good character to maintain a positive experience for all.

Community Guidelines for Affiliates
RabbitForce is your platform to grow your business. To be successful, here are five simple things you can do:

  • Represent yourself accurately: To be successful on RabbitForce, set accurate criteria for the tasks your staff can perform, including their availability, and hourly service rate. Please keep this information up-to-date to ensure that you receive the most appropriate task invitations.


  • Set clear expectations with your Clients: Surprises are not a good thing when it comes to tasking, so please ensure that nothing unexpected happens while your staff is working on a task. Be sure to set clear expectations about task timing, out-of-pocket expenses and any other details that are relevant to completing the task.
  • Respond quickly to your Client: Task invitations and communications with your Client are time sensitive. Respond quickly and actively manage all Client communications via the chat feature in the app to create great Client experiences.


  • Be reliable: This one’s simple - please do what you say you'll do. Make sure your staffs (Taskers) show up on time (or early) and stay until the job is done. It is critical that he/she complete all the tasks that he/she take on and deliver the best service possible.
  • Treat RabbitForce like your business: As you know, RabbitForce is a platform to grow your own business. Delivering great experiences will result in even more work for you. Ask yourself what will make this Client want to hire your service again and deliver an experience that matches those expectations.


The following sections provide more detail on what we expect from your staff, as a Tasker. Please be aware that violation of these guidelines may result in reduced access to task opportunities or outright removal from the RabbitForce Community.

The Essentials on Tasking Procedures
What do the pillars of Tasker success look like in action? This section outlines how you should conduct your business on the RabbitForce platform

Accepting Invitations

  • We provide tools for you to tell us the types of tasks you are willing to do, at what times, in what areas and at what hourly rate. We expect you to accept task invitations within 5 – 10 minutes of task invitation.
  • Clients invest time and effort in selecting a specific Tasker which is why accepting every task invitation you receive is very important. A Client specifically asked to work with your staff.
  • A delay in invitation acceptance rate is grounds for reduced access to task opportunities or removal from the RabbitForce Community.


  • Losing a task can quickly turn a great opportunity into a negative Client experience. Task losing should be a last resort and only reserved for extenuating circumstances.
  • Frequent losing may result in reduced access to task opportunities, or outright removal from, the RabbitForce Community.
  • If a Client cancels a task within 10 hours of the scheduled time, you may be eligible for 1 hour of payment (if you have been assigned for more than 1 hours).

Hourly rates and negotiations

  • In your staff’s profile you have the ability to set hourly rate for different task types. These hourly rates are considered a commitment to the Community and Clients take them into consideration when inviting you to a task. They are non-negotiable once a task is assigned.
  • We encourage you to regularly review your staff rates to ensure that they are commensurate with their skill level, experience and availability.
  • Attempts to negotiate hourly rate after receiving an invitation is considered a violation of Client trust and is grounds for reduced access to task opportunities or outright removal from the RabbitForce Community.
  • Once the task is complete, be sure to collect the cash payment or make sure client pays online through RabbitForce payment portal.


  • Above all else, your staff safety and well-being are our top priority. If, for any reason, your staff feels unsafe or uncomfortable, please guide him/her that how professionally and politely he/she can leave the task and remove him/herself from the situation. Call RabbitForce helpdesk as soon as possible. If necessary, call the local authorities first.
  • Do not complete any tasks that put you at risk ethically & physically. This includes physical touch, harassment, and heavier work than your physique.
  • Please follow all guidelines, laws and restrictions for any shops, restaurants, sites or venues you visit or utilize during your tasks.
  • If anything goes wrong on a task as a result of the actions of someone who is not an approved Tasker, they (and you) may not covered by the RabbitForce’s Insurance Guarantee.


Performance Standards Compliance

  • To ensure a high-quality tasking experience, we hold all of our Affiliates to the following standards:
    • Accept 100% of the task invitations sent to you;
    • Complete 100% of the tasks you agree to take on;
    • Quickly respond to task invitations within 10 minutes or less;
    • High return rate of your Clients to RabbitForce after completing a task with you.

Please note that direct violations of RabbitForce policy and unprofessional behavior may result in immediate removal from the RabbitForce Community.   

What not to do:

  • Don’t cancel task; this provides a poor experience for the Client.
  • Don’t send a tasker to a task location for a task he/she was not assigned to.
  • Don’t send a tasker late for tasks or missing agreed-upon timelines for tasks.
  • Don’t attempt to renegotiate the hourly rate on a task you’ve been invited.
  • Don’t complete a task with poor quality work.
  • Don’t display unprofessional or unbecoming communication or behavior in any form.
  • Don’t contact a Client regarding a negative review, accept a reduced payment or forfeit a payment in exchange for a positive review or to avoid a negative review.
  • Don’t contact third parties related to or regarding a Client including, but not limited to, a Client’s friends, family, and place of employment or attempt to damage a Client’s reputation on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Don’t attempt to damage the reputation of RabbitForce on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Don’t attempt to bill a Client for a task that should have been canceled, has not been finished or completed to their satisfaction.
  • Don’t invoice a Client for travel time to or from the task location. The time that you can invoice a Client for begins when you get the first location of a task.
    • Don’t give to Client your contact information (phone number, email address or SNS)
  • Don’t provide poor quality work which is measured by:
    • Poor ratings and/or reviews
    • Client communication to RabbitForce Community Services
    • A high cancellation rate
    • A high forfeiture rate
    • Unresponsiveness to Clients on invitations
    • Any other criteria, which may lead to a poor experience for a Client

To preserve the integrity of the RabbitForce Community, we have a zero tolerance policy for any of these behaviors.  All of these behaviors are avoidable through active management of your schedule, staff profiles and with open communication with RabbitForce Community Services.


Grounds for immediate removal from the RabbitForce Community:
For the protection of all Communities of our Community, we do not allow any of the following activities:                  

  • Impersonating any other person or falsifying your staff identity
  • Sharing your login credentials with any other person/company
  • Completion of academic work or courses for academic credentials;
  • Pyramid Schemes or “Sales Opportunities;”
  • Providing any type of advice, consultation or professional services performed by lawyers, actuaries, accountants, architects, engineers, health professionals, medical professionals, financial adviser, management consultants, investment advisors, or any other professional services that requires a specific license or certificate to perform duties;
  • Data scraping of a website;
  • Recruiting or advertising for Staff or Clients to join a competing service, or any other intelligence gathering about RabbitForce for competitive purposes;
  • Any task that is illegal in the country.

Community Guidelines for our Clients:
Our Affiliate’s staffs (Taskers) strive to delight and deliver on every task. To ensure that you have the best possible experience, we kindly ask for your help with the following;

  • Please select only appropriate task of your requirements. This helps filtering Taskers who have the right skills and tools and the time required to assist you.
  • Communication is key. Let your Tasker know how long you expect the task to take. For example, if you’d like to pay for a maximum of 2 hours of work, be sure to let your Tasker know this upfront.
  • Tasking is a two-way street; please uphold your side of the bargain. A task invitation is an agreement between you and your Tasker.  We ask that you fully commit to working with the Tasker to get the work done once the task is assigned.
    • We understand that life can be unpredictable. However, to respect your Tasker’s time:
    • Any cancellation initiated by you within 10 hours of the scheduled task time will be charged for one hour of work. There is no charge for Tasks cancelled more than 10 hours in advance.
    • RabbitForce may pre-authorize your credit card for a minor amount before the scheduled task time

These Community Guidelines are incorporated in and part of our Terms of Service available here.